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Manifesto... what’s a manifesto?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

By Tamsin Hurtado Clarke

“Tout bouge / Everything moves” – Jacques Lecoq

How does the colour green move? How would you move if you were a scrunched-up piece of paper and you met some hot glue? How would a coiled-up spring interact with a piece of poetry?

This is what I spent two years of my life doing in Paris.

The international language is laughter.

My first professional job was touring Spain and Portugal for 6 months with English language theatre company ‘Clever Pants’. Here I met a very tall man (Stuart MacDonald) who could make the world laugh with just a look. He taught me the magic power of 3 and all about comic timing. I’m forever grateful.

Can puppets make love on stage? Yes, ALWAYS take a risk!

In Knowledge of Angels we decided to use puppets to represent two characters and then we realised that there was a love scene between them and the protagonist. Could we do it? Yes. Believe in it and the audience will too.

Money flows, let it go and come back round.

I’m not great at sharing, especially food (mainly with my sister). But she taught me that money is energy and needs to keep moving.

If you can’t use it twice, then it shouldn’t be used at all

Onstage and in life. (Except condoms - always use condoms, never use twice!)

Sisterhood is powerful so embrace the feminine.

It took me a long time to accept my femininity, always believing that to be a girl was weak and somehow lesser than being a boy. Thank god I don’t think like that anymore.

Share because knowledge is freedom.

Share share share...and then listen.


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