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The Popelei Seed Commission
2023: The Cash Injection


We love the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but we are extremely concerned about rising costs and how risky it has become for independent artists and small companies. We’re not taking a show there this year - so instead we will be injecting the cash we might have spent directly into the pockets of Latinx artists OR women/non-binary artists facing the Fringe.

You can apply for this fund if you are either a woman/non-binary artist OR a Latinx artist (of any gender), OR if you are a small company that is clearly female/NB/Latinx led.

We have a total of £5000 to allocate. You can apply for up to £500 per show, to spend as you see fit. This is not going to fund any show in its entirety but we hope it may ease the pressure of costs slightly - be it your flyers, travel or food bill. We will also be championing and shouting about our supported shows whilst they’re at the festival, in the continuing spirit of the Popelei community. 

We don’t want to waste precious artist time with a lengthy application process. Inspired by the brilliant work of NDT Broadgate, we will be using a randomised lottery process in an attempt to keep things simple and remove bias from the selection process. 


Our Lottery system will have two draws. As the leading Latinx arts organisation in the South West, we will be ring-fencing 50% of the sum in an initial draw for Latinx applicants only, in order to support Latinx representation at the Edinburgh Fringe. The remaining 50% will be drawn between all eligible applicants still remaining (Latinx applicants and/or female/NB applicants).

For clarity:

  • Shows can be any genre

  • Shows must be registered with Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

  • Independent artists/companies only

  • Applicants must be based in the UK

  • You are welcome to apply to up to £500 but if you are able to apply for a smaller sum, it will allow us to support more artists. 


Good Luck!

Submissions are now closed - WE HAVE OUR WINNERS!

Rewind by Ephemeral Ensemble @ Summerhall

Wild Onion by Orange Skies Theatre @ Gilded Balloon

I Killed My Ex by Dear Dark Prod @ The Space

Whiskey Wars by Joyce Greenaway @ Laughing Horse

In Memoriam by Bossy Bitch Prod @ The Space

El Dizzy Beast by An(dre)a Spisto @ Assembly

Gunter by Dirty Hare @ Summerhall

Playing Latinx by MarianaMalenaTheatre @ Summerhall

Dual by Peyvand Sadeghian @ The Pleasance

Plague Stone Party: Farewell, Tor @ Spiegelyurt

Long Long Long Live by Dangerosity @ Greenside

The Death & Life of All of Us by Victor Esses @ Summerhall

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