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Edinburgh 2014


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Popelei is an arts organisation based in Bristol. We make award-winning performance work which we tour across the UK and Latin America. We produce The Popelei Naked Podcast and curate new alternative arts festival Papaya. 

Tamsin Hurtado Clarke

Popelei was set up by Tamsin Hurtado Clarke in 2011. Tamsin is a British-Venezuelan Lecoq trained performer, theatre-maker, writer, director, part-producer and creator of The Popelei Naked Podcast. 

Scarlett Plouviez 

Scarlett is director of Popelei's award-winning Manuelita and creative producer of Knowledge of Angels. She is artistic director of the Rosemary Branch Theatre and a founding member of Unattended Items and Ugly Duck.


As a little person trying to master Spanish and English, Tamsin couldn’t say things properly…or as she would say “popelei” and so she was forever known as Little Popelei to her Venezuelan family. When searching for a name for the company, “Popelei” seemed like the right fit.

“I like to fight and shout and make myself heard. Sometimes it feels hard to do this, as a woman and as an artist. I want to open up spaces for discussion and debate where you’re welcome to make a noise. Popelei is a place we can do that…properly.”

— Tamsin Hurtado Clarke, Popelei



Knowledge of Angels was Popelei’s debut theatrical production performed at Shoreditch Church in 2012. Time Out described the production as, “a deep and intense theatrical debate over faith, ethics and society”.

Manuelita followed in 2014 and won CASA Festival Scratch Award in 2013 and Three Weeks Editors’ Award at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 for “Top 10 Shows of the Fringe”. The show was runner-up “Theatre Production of the Year” for LUKAS Awards in 2015 & 2016. In 2017 Manuelita toured Latin America for 2 months, visiting 5 countries and being seen by over 3,500 people. 

100 Years is the forthcoming Popelei production for 2018/2019. The show's development has been supported by ArcolaLAB at the Arcola Theatre in London as well as by CASA Festival and Ovalhouse Theatre. Popelei has just received Arts Council England funding for the shows completion.

2018 was dubbed “The Year of the Woman” and to celebrate all things female Popelei created The Popelei Naked Podcast, an ongoing intimate conversation that delves into the psyche of women performers as well as The Popelei Seed Commission, a seed fund which helps support performance-based art that promotes the stories of women. 

2019 will see the arrival of PAPAYA Fest - a new arts festival in Bristol which celebrates the explosive mix between all things Anglo -Latinx. 

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