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The Popelei Seed Commission 2020

A digital commission project

Top Eight Lockdown Monologues - The Guardian

"There is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind." - Virginia Woolf

This was not the first time in history that women have been isolated behind closed doors and it won't be the last. In these extraordinary times, we asked writers to respond to the theme 'Women in Lockdown' and generate stories of women facing and overcoming restricted lives. 

Every weekday in May 2020, we posted one of our 25 winning short pieces by astounding and imaginative writers, handpicked from over a 1000 submissions and then commissioned by Popelei.
Some of the UK’s best locked-down female actors self-taped and breathed life into these fresh and original characters, creating bite-sized videos still available here to watch for free.

Day #25 - Accidently On Purpose
Written by Nicole Latchana
Performed by Florence Howard
Day #24 - Killing Biff & Chip
Written by Claire Marie Perry
Performed by Kristy Philipps
Day #23 - The Bird Trap
Written by Darren Donohue
Performed by Julie Root
Day #22 - Do My Nipples Look Big In This?
Written by Liyah Summers
Performed by Nicole Castillo-Mavromatis
Day #21 - A Piece Of My Skirt
Written by Chrissie Gittins
Performed by Jennifer Aries
Day #20 - Morning After
Written by Megan Cronin
Performed by Éimear O'Neill
Day #19 - Not To Praise Him
Written by Tjawangwa Dema
Performed by Brigid Lohrey
Day #18 - Clouds
Written by Emily White
Performed by Ffion Evans
Day #17 - The Woman On Top
Written by Matilda Leyser
Performed by Liv Spencer
Day #16 - She-Bear
Written by Rebekah King
Performed by Peace Oseyenum
Day #15 - For Hannah (Home Bargains)
Written by Tiffany Bowman
Performed by Kat Rose-Martin
Day #14 - Fruit
Written by Katie Arnstein
Performed by Emmy Rose
Day #13 - Vomit
Written by babirye bukilwa
Performed by Bethany Fenton
Day #12- The Kings
Written by Emma Williams
Performed by Maggie Evans
Day #11- Aos Sí
Written by Éimear O'Neill
Performed by Charis McRoberts
Day #10- Padlocks
Written by Ella Godfrey
Performed by Anna Tammela
Day #9 - A Short History of a Shopping Trolley
Written by Ginni Manning
Performed by Joyce Greenaway
Day #8 - Glass Screen
Written by Eliza Jones
Performed by Dannie Harris
Day #7 - Mary Anning
Written by Sophie Fretwell
Performed by Chandrika Chevli
Day #6 - Embarrassed
Written by Katie Arnstein
Performed by Laura Bayston
Day #5 - 563 Days
Written by Naomi Westerman
Performed by Bryony Miller
Day #4 - Mute
Written by Emily Glaze
Performed by Sophie Cartman
Day #3 - Aloe Vera
Written by Farah Najib
Performed by Sophia Capasso
Day #2 - His For The Winter
Written by Marli Roode
Performed by Hannah Morley
Day #1 - Centuries Apart
Written by Laura Turner
Performed by Natasha Magigi

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