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Voice bubble about Ed show 'Daughter'

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

So I am back from Edinburgh Fringe! What a place - once again, I revelled in the overwhelming amounts of theatrical talent on display there. Friends and co-artists busting a gut to share their wonderful art with the world - so proud. I am so happy that we have this unique festival where we can celebrate this artform that at times can feel like it's dying or fizzling out. When you see a piece of theatre, like 'Daughter' - my top pick of the fringe - which challenges you and that changes your perception and leaves you questioning your work and your life - you understand that it's not dying...its just developing and evolving (for the good of all of us).

Hear me try and figure it out in this voice bubble! Tamsin x

[Photo by John Lauener] 


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