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Why is it important for women's voices to be heard?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Popelei says...

· So we can have positive female role-models – to help motivate us, for inspiration, to give us guidance, to see positive reflections of ourselves in society.

· So we can celebrate being women – stop apologizing and people-pleasing, we are women and that is wonderful! And that includes all the good and not so good bits – we are human after all.

· So we feel part of a community – it can be hard to go through tough times or situations, it's always good to talk it out with someone. If it’s a female issue it often makes sense to talk it out with another female. This can be hard when a lot of things focus on the male story or male problems.

· So we learn to listen – to everyone. Everyone has a voice and we all need practice at listening more to one another.

· Because women rock – there are so many incredible women who have been eg. Manuelita and many more to come eg YOU! Let's learn about them so we can rock all over the future.

We asked some mates the same question...

"If you discount the voices of women you only have half the opportunity to hear the funny/intelligent/creative/life enriching ideas you would otherwise have access to." - Deb Pugh

"The basis for any society should be the principle of egalitarianism and as such a female perspective is as fundamentally important as any male view in determining our future, as so are those of any gender." - Chris Collings

"We’re over 50% of the world population and we could be a stronger force together with men, rather than apart." - Tanya Clarke

"Women, consistently in almost all arenas in our daily lives, have less opportunity to be heard on a public stage, particularly with the respect and social standing men automatically receive. Even when enjoying the most level playing field, women have different experiences of life which can enrich and shift our understanding. Women's perspectives and lives have so long been told as family stories, not written into the structure of history and our lineage." - Rachel Sokal

What do you think?


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