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PAPAYA Fest 2022
Find out what it's all about!

Papaya Fest 2022: The ferocious fiesta of a festival is back bringing you a unique fusion of Latin American and British culture with theatre, music, films and talks all mixed up into one juicy programme across The Wardrobe Theatre and The Old Market Assembly


Find out more and book tickets HERE


We're back from Edinburgh Fringe, which was a hoot, and we're ready for more!

Catch PUSH in Bristol at PapayaFest on 13th October or Oxford on 4th November! 

Find out more HERE


Photo by Popelei


Flipping the gaze


Provoking debate


Stripping back

Popelei is an ongoing collaboration between writer-performer Tamsin Hurtado Clarke and writer-director Scarlett Plouviez, supported by producer Penelope Saward.

For the past decade we have been making theatre and performances that are authentic, energetic and hopeful, reflecting the world as we experience it and as we want it to be.
We’re here to smash the patriarchy, both onstage and in the bar afterwards, and to show you a really good time.

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