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Theatre-makers Meetup
Theatre-makers Meetup
Next date TBC 👀 

We’re keen to connect with other theatre-makers living in Bristol. Is that you? Wanna hang out?

We will find some space (tbc) so come and say hi! Maybe we can chat about your new project, life without Theatre Bristol or upcoming opportunities in the city.


Follow @hellopopelei or @upstarttheatre to connect and find out more!

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Are you missing those sweet Papaya Fest vibes? 

Fear not because Popelei will be hosting a brand new, monthly, LIVE bilingual radio show inspired by Papaya Fest on Bristol's favourite radio BCFM!


NEXT SHOW: Tuesday 2nd July from 2pm - 4pm


Photo by Popelei


Flipping the gaze


Provoking debate


Stripping back

Popelei is an ongoing collaboration between writer-performer Tamsin Hurtado Clarke and writer-director Scarlett Plouviez.

For the past decade we have been making theatre and performances that are authentic, energetic and hopeful, reflecting the world as we experience it and as we want it to be.
We’re here to smash the patriarchy, both onstage and in the bar afterwards, and to show you a really good time.

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