100 Years

Tamsin is turning one of the most epic novels of all time into a one woman show. 


She's read the book, done the research, and delved deep into her cultural heritage. If she can pull this off, her career will be sorted. Everything will fall into place. 


Sure, her Venezuelan grandmother had given birth to seven children by her age. But Tamsin is ready to give birth to a masterpiece.


A radical re-imagining of Marquez's landmark novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, told with bold physicality and sharp humour. Award-winning Popelei return to the stage with this mischievous look at bloodlines, breeding and the weight of inheritance.



Tamsin Hurtado Clarke



Scarlett Plouviez


Composer & Sound Designer

Santiago Jara Astaburuaga

Production Designer

Rachel Wingate

Lighting Designer

Claire Childs


Assistant Director

Anja Kulessa


Jack Offord


Lolo Bonfanti