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Knowledge of Angels

by Jill Paton Walsh

adapted for the stage by Tamsin Hurtado Clarke

An island somewhat like Mallorca, but not Mallorca, at a time somewhat like 1450, but not 1450...


The ordered tranquility of a remote island is about to be shattered by the appearance of two outsiders: one, an atheist, plucked from the sea by fishermen, whose beliefs represent a challenge to the established order; the other, a child raised by wolves, whose innocence will become the subject of a dangerous experiment.


Popelei Theatre present the first stage adaptation of the Booker-nominated novel Knowledge of Angels by Jill Paton Walsh, bringing this compelling story to life with bold, poetic physicality and live acoustic music. The magnificent and historic architecture of Shoreditch Church provides the backdrop for this dynamic and challenging new production – which asks the question, could an atheist conceivably be in good faith?

'A beautiful, unsettling moral fiction about virtue and intolerance.'

— Observer review of Knowledge of Angels

by Jill Paton Walsh



St Leonard's, Shoreditch Church, Shoreditch High Street, Hackney, London E1 6JN


3rd – 27th October 2012

Original cast 

Henry Douthwaite, Matthew Wade, David Vale, Tamsin Hurtado Clarke, Maixence Bauduin and Julia Correa


Live music 

Jamie Doe


Tamsin Hurtado Clarke


Scarlett Plouviez


Set Designer

Josh Wyles



Rachel Wingate



Simeon Miller

Set Builder

Joseph Maloney


"Its true triumph is the ingenious way the company flits between physical theatre, puppetry and breakneck costume changes, and Jamie Doe’s live music, which mixes melodies that could be torn out of Simon and Garfunkel’s songbook, with disquieting, drone-like sound effects."

— THE STAGE by Jonathan Watson

"In this first ever stage version of Jill Paton Walsh's Booker-nominated novel, adaptor Tamsin Clarke creates a deep and intense theatrical debate over faith, ethics and society...a powerful performance by David Vale as the aggressive inquisitor...Clarke's atavistic performance as Amara involves every muscle as she curls her claws, squats and snarls... impressive performances and a thoughtful execution of the novel's themes."

— TIME OUT by Emma McWhinney

"I came home positively thunderstruck… I was bowled over by the professionalism and the intelligence of every part of your production. Your wacky scaffolding worked beautifully; every single performance was stellar. The music and the lighting were wonderful. Please tell your entire team how full of admiration and gratitude for their immersion in the work I am."

— Jill Paton Walsh

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